January 2024 | Joanna Lumley, Lindsay Duncan, Clarke Peters, Michiel Huisman, Jack O'Connell


Here to help kickstart your year, get locked on to the latest films or stuck into a new series starring our Bespoke clients. Take a look below, and keep your eyes peeled for updates to what’s on the 2024 horizon…


Featuring Fool Me Once, Truelove, Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, and Ferrari.




Fool Me Once


Kicking off the New Year, Netflix’s Fool Me Once dropped to the steaming platform on the 1st January. When ex-soldier Maya sees her murdered husband on a secret nanny cam, she uncovers a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the past., follow this brilliant new crime drama featuring Bespoke’s Joanna Lumley as Judith, Maya’s mother-in-law.


Joanna Lumley


The voice of JOANNA LUMLEY is one we all know and love.

Ab Fab’s iconic Patsy, Joanna has recently released a podcast series: Joanna and the Maestro with her husband Stephen Barlow.

A sought-after voice artist, she has lent her voice to numerous projects including recent hits The Sandman (podcast series), David Lichfield’s The Bear and the Piano, and can be heard in numerous commercial and documentary projects lending her distinguished and distinctive dulcet tones. 

Undeniably recognisable and undeniably British, Joanna delivers an eloquence and an incredible energy to her read and is a perfect choice for an absolutely fabulous casting.



Listen to her voice reels here.






Channel 4’s latest miniseries Truelove stars two of Bespoke’s clients, Lindsay Duncan and Clarke Peters.


Coined “an exquisite drama about bumping off your best mates” by The Guardian, Truelove follows a pact made by friends to help each other at the end of the line – exploring relationships of love, friendships and grief.


The episodes release weekly every Wednesday at 9pm, with the first two episodes currently available to watch on online.


Lindsay Duncan

LINDSAY DUNCAN’S smooth RP is well-known. Having previously voiced Secret Voices of Hollywood, A History of Britain, and Cutting Edge, Lindsay has a wonderful elegance in her reading.

She can recently appeared in Sherwood and A Discovery of Witches as well as the voice of Octavia in His Dark Materials for BBC. Giving a clear and crisp read, Lindsay makes any script come alive with her lively character and remains a wonderful pick for narrations and documentaries.


Listen to her voice reels here.



Clarke Peters

Rich and resonant, CLARKE PETERS has recently starred in I Wanna Dance with Somebody as John Houston as well as The Man Who Fell to Earth and Foundation which add to his extensive list of credits.

With a deep, American voice, Clarke has been a part of numerous voice projects, narrating Aretha Franklin: Respect, Count Bassie: Through His Own Eyes, Roy Orbison: One of the Lonely Ones and podcast series Marvel’s Wastelanders.

Clarke holds a gravelly and powerful voice and is a star pick for bold, jazzy script


Listen to his voice reels here.




Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Rebel Moon, Part One: A Child of Fire is finally here.


When the ruthless forces of the Motherworld threaten a quiet farming village on a distant moon, a mysterious outsider becomes its best hope for survival.


Michiel Huisman stars in this two-part movie event, with Part One being released to Netflix in December, the second film: Rebel Moon, Part Two: The Scargiver being released on the platform on April 19th 2024.



Michiel Huisman

Dutch actor MICHIEL HUISMAN has extensively worked across the screen.

Recognised as Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, he can more recently be seen in The Haunting of Hill House, ITV’s Angela Black, and Echo 3 as the role of Prince Haas.

Michiel performs with husky undertones and has a natural read that is charming and upbeat.


Watch his showreel here.




Focused on a tumultuous period in the life of Enzo Ferrari during the late 1950s, Jack O’Connell stars as British racing driver, Peter Collins, in this new sport-drama blockbuster which is currently in cinemas.


Check your nearest cinema for showtimes and watch the trailer here.


Jack O’Connell

The voice of JACK O’CONNELL is deep and huskied.

With credits including The North Water and Godless, his recent lead roles in SAS: Rogue Heroes and Lady Chatterley’s Lover - where he plays Oliver - have coined him a recognisable voice.

Born in Derby, England, he speaks with a coarse, northern accent that is widely resonating; able to perform various UK and American accents, Jack is a notable pick for a regional casting and voices with an edge.


Listen to his voice reels here.