Bespoke clients DAVID JASON, ZOË WANAMAKER, AND LISA DWAN return to theatre

June 2021 | Anton Lesser, Zoë Wanamaker, Lisa Dwan

Bespoke clients DAVID JASON, ZOË WANAMAKER, AND LISA DWAN return to theatre

After a year without live entertainment, theatres all around England finally reopened on the 17th May. Plays, gigs, musicals and comedies are back in full swing. Read on to see which upcoming productions our Bespoke clients are starring in, and remind yourself of the incomparability of live theatre this summer.



A COLD SUPPER BEHIND HARRODS | 11th June at 7:30pm, streamed live from Oxford Playhouse




‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’

For one night only, SIR DAVID JASON and ANTON LESSER, alongside Stephanie Cole, star as Special Operations Executive Agents. Gathered in an English garden fifty years after the war, the trio wait to be interviewed for a television documentary about the murder of their colleague by the Gestapo. Deception, lies, and guilty-consciences slowly begin to loom, with individual actions during the war coming into question, and as the trio leave for a ‘cold supper behind Harrods’ the truth finally emerges.



CONSTELLATIONS | 23rd June - 24th July 2021, the Vaudeville Theatre



‘One drink. And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.’ 

Nine-time Olivier Award nominee ZOË WANAMAKER CBE stars alongside Peter Capaldi in Nick Payne’s CONSTELLATIONS. In this heart-warming romance, four different casts take turns in making their way through the infinite possibilities of a relationship which is set against the backdrop of quantum multiverse theory. Each couple starts the play afresh, offering a new interpretation on the idea of free will and choice, with WANAMAKER and Capaldi being the second couple in the play’s run.



HAPPY DAYS | 11th June - 25th July, Riverside Studios



‘No better, no worse, no change, no pain. Nothing more to say, nothing more to do.’

Samuel Beckett’s HAPPY DAYS celebrates a triumphant and 60th anniversary revival production at Riverside Studios this summer. LISA DWAN plays heroine Winnie, stuck in the monotony of life with her husband. But the idea of future ‘happy days’ can only sustain Winnie so far before the futility of life threatens to overwhelm her indomitable spirit and strength. This is a particularly poignant play, and Winnie is a character audiences can truly empathise with, as themes of survival and endurance are particularly relatable during a worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, and periods of self-isolation.